Water Front Areas For a Wedding at Texas Hill Country Winery

Many regions of Texas are located right along the water. This makes it a great place to host a wedding at Texas hill country winery. You have unlimited options, but you always have to respect Mother Nature. You may have all of the variables accessed down to the tiny details, but that is one out of your control. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great place for a winery wedding event, you just need a backup plan too.

Planning a wedding in hill country along the beach of Texas can be out of the ordinary and unique at the same time. Your guests can show up dressed casually, and they will appreciate that due to the heat and humidity Texas is well known for. They can even take their shoes off and put their toes in the sand and the water. This can be a fun experience that is laid back and fun for all.


Part of your plan from the start or a backup plan for a water front are for a wedding at Texas Hill Country Winery that can be a large tent close to the water. It can offer a great view, and some of the activities can take place outside. For example, this can be a wonderful place for an outdoor wedding to be held. Yet the reception can be conducted inside of that tent. Should the weather not cooperate, the exchanging of vows can take place inside too.

Winery, Tours and Resorts in Hill Country

If you want an upscale hill country event that is around the water in Texas, consider a resort or winery. Many of them have views that will take your breath away. They also offer plenty of amenities including a spa and other ways to pamper yourself before your wedding. This can also be a fun way for the wedding guests to be right there in the mix of all the excitement along with their accommodations. You may be able to get a good discount too if you book a block of rooms.


Who says a water front venue for a wedding in Texas hill country winery has to be stationary? Why not take your plans to the next level with a cruise! There are several types of ships that can be rented for a few hours during the day or for an evening. You can keep it simple or it can include a full dinner being served. Your guests will be delighted to be part of this relaxing and fun location. It isn’t one they get to enjoy every day, and they will appreciate the variety it adds.

You can’t go wrong with an event in Texas hill country for your wedding that is around a body of water. It helps to calm people. It offers a natural background for beautiful photos to be taken to create memories of your time there. It may surprise you that many of the locations are quite reasonable in price too. Often, people avoid looking into it because they have the perception it will be extremely expensive. The cost will vary depending on where you go and what it includes. It doesn’t hurt to explore the options available.