Gathering Information From the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in New Jersey

5 Things you need to Gather from your Personal Injury Representation

You want the relationship with the best personal injury lawyer in New Jersey to be as smooth as possible. In order for this to happen, there are certain things you need to obtain from an injury attorney in Essex County before you walk out the door. Once you hire them, they are on your side to do the behind the scenes work and report back to you.

Case Claim Number with An Auto Accident Attorney in Morris County

You will have a claim number in place with your personal injury lawyer in the Hudson county office. However, this isn’t necessarily going to be the same claim number as you have with your employer if it is a workman’s comp case or with an insurance company in the event of an auto accident in Middlesex County. Make sure you have all of the numbers you need and you understand what each one is assigned to.

Documentation of Agreement with the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in New Jersey

When you hire a personal injury lawyer in New Jersey, you will agree they get a percentage of any settlement you receive. You also agree you won’t accept payment from the insurance directly or work with another law firm in Passaic County. There can be other stipulations to this agreement, and you need to read through all of it carefully. Once you sign it, they should give you a copy of this agreement for your records.

Who to Contact after a Truck Accident

There may be several people working on your truck accident case to bring it together. However, you need to know who your contact person is going to be. Is there an emergency number you can call for weekend or after hour needs?

Possible Outcomes with Your Personal Injury Law Firm in Bergen County

They should be honest with you about the possible outcome of your case. While they want to be positive, they should give you the wide spectrum of scenarios. You should ask them questions too about the outlook based on similar personal injury cases that have taken place in New Jersey. Keep in mind, they can’t promise to get you a settlement. However, if they are accepting your case on a contingency basis, they do feel you have a case they can win and that is encouraging.

Next Steps to take with the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in New Jersey

You should always be advised of the next step in the process. Keep in mind, there may be a long stretch of time between one step and the next in New Jersey. The attorney may file paperwork and then months later there is a reply they have to make. It could be six months or longer before they even get a chance to ask the insurance provider for a settlement.

They need time to research and verify information. If your case will go to trial, it will take even longer, but you should always be kept current on where the case is at and what they are waiting on to move forward.