Do Cheap Zippos Have a Good Reputation?

You will have a difficult time finding any type of lighter out there that can hold a match to the cheap Zippos. They are sold all over the world and they continue to be in high demand. The demand for them involves the new collections of cheap zippos, the popular icons, and the older ones that are rare and hard to get your hands on. It also includes personalized and customized options such as engravings and photos on them.
The outstanding reputation of zippos that are cheap is what makes people proud to buy and own them. The company is well known for the fact the lighters are windproof and they come with a lifetime warranty on them. If the item doesn’t work they will fix it or replace it. The click of it is well known by users and often portrayed in movies of all genres. Of course that was more prominent in the days when smoking was commonplace in movies with cheap zippos!
The cheap zippos continue to be a top selling item online and in retail stores since they were introduced in 1932. They have thousands of designs to pick from and the collectors can’t get enough. The zippos that are cheap have always been willing to brand in new directions and to introduce new themes. Cheap zippos listen to what consumers want and that is part of why they remain so popular.
They offer a variety of designs too including the traditional models, slender models, and those that are geared towards women. Zippos that are cheap and easy to refill and they are sold in more than 120 countries around the world. The largest export for them happens to be Japan and they have at least 60% of the lighter market sales globally.
While you don’t see much marketing efforts by cheap zippos these days for their lighters, they continue to get noticed. The company has built up such an amazing reputation that they can rely on consumer word of mouth and what is already known about these products to keep the demand going for them. Few other products have such a strong and powerful reputation that allows them to stay on top of their niche for decades.
One of the key selling points with consumers is the lifetime warranty by Zippos and are cheap are on all of their lighters. Of course you must have a genuine cheap zippos or they will send it back. Sadly, if you didn’t know yours was a fake, you will find out when they send your item back with a note and telling you they can’t repair it. Make sure you send it with tracking so you know when they get it.
You don’t want to attempt any such repairs on your own either. If you do so, you can create damage to the lighter that can’t be repaired. If it has been altered in such a manner, then that will void the company warranty on it. When well cared for, some people are still using their cheap zippos up to 50 years after they got it!